By The Cow (Bulk Beef)

Your Personalized Cow Call!

Purchasing a Quarter, Half, or Whole cow can be incredibly confusing and leave your head spinning!

From researching where to buy beef from, selecting the right size beef, to figuring out if it will fit in your freezer, it can be a challenging and painful process.

The Solution: Your Personalized Cow Call!

Q&A Ask me anything and everything about beef‚ÄĒI'm here to provide you with clarity you need so you can fill your freezer with nutrient dense beef, free from mystery.

Customized Cow For You Based on your freezer space, dining preferences, and household size, we'll craft a cow that perfectly fits your needs.

Here's How It Works:


1. Reserve Your Cow

By reserving your beef, you'll guarantee access to premium-quality meat and lock in today's price, regardless of any external factors.

Your reservation also plays a crucial role in our summer planning. It allows us to ensure an ample supply of lush grass, creating the perfect conditions to fatten up your beautiful beef!

2. WE Fatten your cow

Unlike 85% of beef, your beef will be finished off grass in the pristine mountain under our watchful care until it is perfectly marbled and plump.

3. to the butcher

Your cow will be humanely harvested at a small butcher. Dry aged so the beef's natural enzymes work their magic, tenderizing the meat and enhancing its flavor profile. Then, your beef is hand cut by expert butchers and packaged using vacuum-sealed packaging.

Then swiftly flash-frozen, ensuring not just extraordinary taste but also ultimate nutrition.

4. enjoy the best in beef all year

Get ready for your delivery that fills your freezer with mouthwatering, nutrient-dense, grass-fed, and grass-finished beef cuts for family dinners, birthdays, BBQs, and community gatherings!

Given this intricate process and time investment, our supply is extremely limited. To guarantee access to this pinnacle of beef quality, we operate on a pre-sale basis for our beef. This exclusive opportunity to ensure that only the absolute best makes its way into your freezer is available only a few times a year. So, don't let this rare chance slip away; place your order today and enjoy the Best In Beef all year long!