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Nutrient Dense Beef Grazed In a Way That Heals The Land

Dry-Aged for Ultimate Tenderness and Flavor 

100% Grass-fed and Grass-finished 

NO growth hormones, antibiotics, or mRNA vaccines

From the first bite of their grass-fed, grass-finished beef, I knew I'd found something special. Cloe, the passionate rancher behind Parker Pastures, is a hero in our health-seeking community. She's devoted to producing the most wholesome, nutrient-dense beef and refuses to be swayed by those who would sacrifice quality for convenience. The first time I bit into one of their steaks, the burst of flavor was like nothing I'd ever tasted before. It was a reminder of a time when food was truly nourishing, not just empty and toxic calories. Cloe and her team have dedicated their lives to providing us with ethically-raised, grass-fed, grass-finished beef - a sublime elixir that has the power to restore our health from the inside out. I'm endlessly grateful for their commitment to doing what's right and healthy. In a world that too often forgets the true essence of nourishment, Parker Pastures is a refreshing reminder of the extraordinary impact real, nutrient-rich food can have on our well-being. Your raving fan!

-Dr. Kelly Shockley

I was skeptical to switch to ordering directly from a ranch, but with prices going up and quality dropping our family needed to make a change. I was quickly overwhelmed in my search for high quality, healthy beef. I stumbled upon Parker Pastures while narrowing my search for a sustainable ranch. Knowing that their cows are ethically raised, they are working toward organic rating, and their land is Audobon rated, made them a top contestant. We have peace of mind that we are eating high quality, healthy, and safe beef, and have more control of our grocery budget and our nutrition. Thank you Parker Pastures!

-Rose C.

I’m Kerry Lynch, two-time Olympian and former alumni of Western State College in Gunnison, CO, and home to Parker Pastures. If you are into high quality meats, the Parker’s do the whole process right. We are extremely satisfied with the meat from the Parker Pastures! They really take pride in the quality of grasses their cattle consume, start to finish and the meat products are fantastic. Irrigating the pastures with natural clean water, using no pesticides or any chemicals, allows the cows to develop to their full potential, naturally. In today’s world with environmental challenges and fast paced cultures, the Parker’s do the whole process correctly to deliver meats to consumers as it should be. We highly recommend the Parker Pasture products to anyone who is concerned about consuming meats, safely, and of the highest quality!

-Kerry Lynch, two-time Olympian

What if you never had to buy questionable beef at the store again?

Instead you could just open your freezer and being greeted by an abundance of mouthwatering, nutrient-dense, grass-fed, and grass-finished cuts of beef.

But that's not all. Beef that sequesters tons of carbon, but also invites back wildlife and birds, while healing our precious soil and earth.

And you finally knew the TRUTH behind your beef, no more mystery.

All you have to do is click >>> HERE to schedule a call with your rancher & we'll create a custom order for you!
Best IN Beef Nutrient Dense Highest Quality


In honor of the 18th year of Parker Pastures, let me take you back to the beginning.

In 2006, my parents founded Parker Pastures.

After working on the short grass prairie of Colorado at the Chico Basin Ranch, they were eager to return home and raise the family in their beautiful, green, lush mountain valley in Gunnison, CO.

We landed at my grandparents' Creekside Ranch along the lazy Tomichi Creek, and that's where Parker Pastures started! Children, chickens, cattle, pigs, sheep, turkeys, and milk cows filled the fields!

The mission to provide healthy, pasture-raised, grass-fed and finished meats for our family and community fueled our work.

For the next few years, we lived at this ranch in the old white ranch house beneath a sagebrush hill and above irrigated fields.

Weekends were spent at the Farmers Markets, mornings milking cows, days caring for cows, pigs, chickens, and sheep, plus irrigation & haying, then evening collection of eggs, plus raising three little people! Sound wild? It WAS!

The days, weeks, and months were crazy and, to be honest, not sustainable. You can't build a sustainable business on unsustainable effort. - Dave Pratt

So, when my mom and dad attended a Ranching For Profit School and joined the EL, finances were analyzed, and deep values and quality of life reassessed until it became clear that some enterprises needed to go.

Finally, we simplified the business to what we did best...High Quality, Nutrient Dense Grass-fed and Grass-finished BEEF 🥩

Over the years, our business has evolved and changed, but the foundation of providing high-quality meat raised in a way that's healing to the environment has never changed.

But this story did not come without its hardships and heartbreak.

While I was working on a ranch in Oklahoma gaining experience and knowledge, my mom was diagnosed with cancer, so I immediately came home.

Within just a few months, I became responsible for our meat company, Parker Pastures, as well as helping my dad run our ranch.

The summer of 2022 was filled with so many challenges, and also so much growth as I learned how to run a business, the stress of payroll (if you know you know) and taking care of the day-to-day operations.

I've always loved ranching and known that it's a part of my calling, so it was no surprise when something so God-ordained occurred.

Just a few weeks before turning 20 in February 2023, I took over Parker Pastures.

This past year has been insane and a whole story within itself. Yet, even in the hard and challenges, it is SUCH an honor and privilege to provide families across the nation with high quality and nutrient-dense beef and to also continue the legacy of Parker Pastures and my mom—a legacy brimming with faith, kindness, and holistic well-being for all.

And of course, I would not be here today without you!

Thank you for your continual and shining support!

It takes a village, and we couldn't ask for a better, more abundant village of animals, plants, bugs, and amazing beautiful humans!

So there you have it. The short version of our Parker Pastures story.

I can't wait to see what the next adventure brings.

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