Small Beef Box (1/16 Cow) with FREE SHIPPING (use code "HOLIDAY")

Make 80 meals with this 1/16 Cow

  • Individual: Enjoy 5 meals every week for four months.

  • Couple: 5 delicious meals a week for two months.

  • Family (3-4 members): One month of beefy deliciousness 

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WHAT'S IN A 1/16 cow?

This 20 +/- LB Beef Box is perfect way to sample a wide variety of juicy, tender, flavorful, and nutrient rich beef cuts! 

8 Steaks (New York Strips, Ribeyes, Sirloin Steaks,Tender Filets)

Carved from the Best In Beef these magnificent Steaks will amaze you. Parker Pastures Steaks have just the right amount of marbling to give you a juicy, flavorful steak that's second to none. You'll get just the right amount of tenderness combined with the extraordinary flavor of pristine mountain beef. Will include a selection of : Boneless New York Strips, Private Reserve Bone-in Ribeyes Sirloin Steaks Tender Filets

4 Savory Cuts (Roasts, Short Ribs, Stew /Fajita Meat)

Theses savory cuts will put your traditional pot roast, stew, and short ribs to shame and impress every member of your family! Combine it with a little bit of homemade goodness and you have yourself a match made in slow-cooker heaven!

8 lbs of Dry Aged Ground Beef

You can’t beat our AMAZING FLAVORFUL organic, pasture-raised, Grass-fed, and Grass-finished Ground Beef. Perfect to throw on the grill or to make homemade lasagna or tacos!


Parker Pastures, beef products are heavenly! We tried a sample of the ground beef and a roast, and both were the BEST beef we have ever had!!

- C. B.

The meat that I've tried to date has been phenomenal and the customer service is awesome. Thank you!! :-)

Thanks, Parker Pastures, for an excellent first-time customer experience! We’ll be repeats for sure. The meat arrived just days after ordering. Still frozen between CO and NY, in quality packaging. We cooked a ground beef meatloaf first with our tried and true recipe, and the meat’s texture and taste is superior to any other we’ve had. The burgers were spectacular, and my extremely picky eating daughter ate the entire thing (that’s never happened before!). So thank you for the great experience.

- Sarah O.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, all our beef is 100% grass-fed AND grass-finished, dry aged for ultimate tenderness and flavor, and free from growth hormones, corn, and antibiotics. This isn't ordinary beef... this is the Best In Beef! 

Orders are shipped on Monday and Tuesday, with tracking information provided once your order is on its way. Colorado orders deliver on Wednesday and Thursday, while out-of-state orders are scheduled for Thursday and Friday.

This one tends to surprise people. With our heavy duty vacuum seal packaging, the USDA recommendation is to store beef for up to a year, but it will last in the freezer much longer.


If your meat arrives thawed or there was an error on our end, for any reason at all, we'll cheerfully replace your purchase, give your store credit, or refund your money, whichever you prefer. When you order from Parker Pastures, we promise it will be the best in beef... so you can order with complete confidence.