People Love Pakrer Pastures

From the first bite of their grass-fed, grass-finished beef, I knew I'd found something special. Cloe, the passionate rancher behind Parker Pastures, is a hero in our health-seeking community. She's devoted to producing the most wholesome, nutrient-dense beef and refuses to be swayed by those who would sacrifice quality for convenience. The first time I bit into one of their steaks, the burst of flavor was like nothing I'd ever tasted before. It was a reminder of a time when food was truly nourishing, not just empty and toxic calories. Cloe and her team have dedicated their lives to providing us with ethically-raised, grass-fed, grass-finished beef - a sublime elixir that has the power to restore our health from the inside out. I'm endlessly grateful for their commitment to doing what's right and healthy. In a world that too often forgets the true essence of nourishment, Parker Pastures is a refreshing reminder of the extraordinary impact real, nutrient-rich food can have on our well-being. Your raving fan!

Dr. Kelly

I’m Kerry Lynch, two-time Olympian and former alumni of Western State College in Gunnison, CO, and home to Parker Pastures. If you are into high quality meats, the Parker’s do the whole process right. We are extremely satisfied with the meat from the Parker Pastures! They really take pride in the quality of grasses their cattle consume, start to finish and the meat products are fantastic. Irrigating the pastures with natural clean water, using no pesticides or any chemicals, allows the cows to develop to their full potential, naturally. In today’s world with environmental challenges and fast paced cultures, the Parker’s do the whole process correctly to deliver meats to consumers as it should be. We highly recommend the Parker Pasture products to anyone who is concerned about consuming meats, safely, and of the highest quality!

Kerry Lynch, two-time Olympian