I was skeptical to switch to ordering directly from a ranch, but with prices going up and quality dropping our family needed to make a change. I was quickly overwhelmed in my search for high quality, healthy beef. I stumbled upon Parker Pastures while narrowing my search for a sustainable ranch. Knowing that their cows are ethically raised, they are working toward organic rating, and their land is Audobon rated, made them a top contestant. We pulled the trigger on their monthly rancher pack, as well as a few individual cuts to sample.

We have peace of mind that we are eating high quality, healthy, and safe beef, and have more control of our grocery budget and our nutrition. Thank you Parker Pastures!

Rose Combs

I purchased one # of ground beef to test the quality before I was willing to purchase any larger orders, have to say I was pleasantly surprise at the moistness & taste of this ground beef, tasted like a good steak .I grilled it on the BBQ according to the cooking suggestions suggested by PP's.Thanks again.

Stephen S. 

I have had the honor of not only feeding this delicious food to my family, but to actively work with the Parker Family as they produce this amazing meat and regenerate our precious lands. I am a cook and Parker burger meat (and the rest) is the best, best I've ever used, eaten, touched. I am a lover of the land and the Parkers' commitment and action over the decades to use their animals and knowledge to regenerate our soils, grasses and lands is simply inspiring. I think we'll have burgers tonight. :)

Suzanne E.