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Grass-fed Fajita Meat (pre-sliced round steak)

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You’ll love our amazing tasting Fajita Meat to enjoy for sizzling fajitas or our Sesame Beef and Rainbow Veggies Stir Fry .

Pre-sliced to make it extra easy for the chef! Our butcher cuts the fajita from the round steak, which is not typically a super tender cut, so don’t expect a filet or sirloin type tenderness.


Beware! The thin-slice means you have to be careful not to over-cook it! Just 30 seconds per side on a hot wok!

1 lb packages

Trust me, I've made plenty of mistakes cooking grass-fed meat over the years, especially when I try to thaw them too fast!!! I've gradually learned a few tricks from many sources over many years. Shannon Hayes is one of the farmers/chef's that has improved my beef cooking for the better!

Now, when I cook steaks or fajita or kabobs for my family, I ALWAYS:

  • Let them thaw gradually in the fridge

  • Use a simple salt "rub" instead of a liquid marinade.

  • For the very best results, rub this on the thawed meats, then return them to the fridge to cure for 1-2 more days.

  • Bring the meat to room temperature before cooking

Be sure that the meat is patted dry with a paper towel too, otherwise it will boil in its juices, instead of fry.

  • I always fry the meat first, super quick in small batches in my big wok, it’s a rule to not overcook grass-finished beef! Then pull it and let it rest while you cook your veggies.

  • Fry in coconut oil, lard, or tallow on high heat in small batches, for a super short time, so it's seared on the outside but still very rare in the middle... it will keep cooking after it gets pulled, and again when it goes back into the veggies!!

  • And the chopping into bite sized pieces helps to.).

  • Turn on the exhaust fan when you do this step, because the oil/fat cooking on high heat can be smoky!


Parker Pastures, beef products are heavenly! We tried a sample of the ground beef and a roast, and both were the BEST beef we have ever had!!!

C. B.

Thanks, Parker Pastures, for an excellent first-time customer experience! We’ll be repeats for sure. The meat arrived just days after ordering. Still frozen between CO and NY, in quality packaging. We cooked a ground beef meatloaf first with our tried and true recipe, and the meat’s texture and taste is superior to any other we’ve had. The burgers were spectacular, and my extremely picky eating daughter ate the entire thing (that’s never happened before!). So thank you for the great experience. We’re seriously considering the small 1/4!

Sarah O.

I was skeptical at first received my sample of ground beef today couldn’t wait so cooked up some hamburgers which I barely seasoned with a little bit of salt and pepper, so I can really get a taste of the meat to my surprise. It was excellent will definitely be ordering more. Thank you for your attention to detail and for your great customer service is greatly appreciated I will be ordering more tonight.

Mike R.