We sent our our very first customer satisfaction surveys this year, and though we offered it as an anonymous survey some of the wonderful things folks said had to be shared!





Delicious beef! – Quarter Beef Customer (3+years)

We served a Pikes Peak roast for Christmas dinner for family that came to town. It was EXCELLENT. With practice, I have finally learned how to cook grass-fed beef. The website purchase was EASY this year….I love being able to buy local beef from a ranching family that cares about the health of their animals, their customers, and the soil and water in the Gunnison Valley. Bill raises a great-tasting beef that I can feel good about feeding my family. Half Beef Customer (4 years +)

I like that you have conscientious, healthy, humane practices and that you are local to me. Half Beef Customer (4+years)

We like knowing where our food is coming from and how it lived. I want to eat happy, healthy animals. I think it is better for the world to have more care provided in our food system. – CSA Customer (3 years)

We love that we know exactly what does or does not go into our beef. We love that we can go into our freezer at any time and get what we need. We also love that our beef is from here in Colorado.  . . .I love the personal touch that we get from Parker Pastures. We have been purchasing beef from them since we saw them at a farmers market in Crested Butte. We had been wanting Colorado beef for awhile, and decided to try a quarter cow at that time. Since then, we now buy a whole beef every year and are always entirely pleased. We’ve even gotten several of our friends to buy, as well, and they are just as pleased. Kelly and William are always so pleasant and really give that personal touch. If I have a question, they get back to me right away, and even one year, I wanted the cuts different at the last minute, and they referred me directly to the butchering. Another year, we were in the Crested Butte area and decided to stop by the pasture. We couldn’t get in, but when they found out we had been there, they told us to next time call them and they would gladly show us around. It’s that touch that helps keep us coming back. We are also a buying club host and are happy to do so. – Whole Beef and Whole Lamb Customer (4 years)

Easy ordering via e-mail of great grass-fed beef with delivery to the Denver Metro area all contribute to first-class customer service!! – Half Beef (4+ years)

Meat tastes great and I know where it came from. – Half Beef Customer (1st time ordering)

I like it all! Being able to buy locally produced meat is great! I especially like the rural experience of driving through the pastures. – CSA Customer (4 + years)


The meat is healthy,tasty and grown in the Gunnison Valley. – Quarter Beef Customer (4+ years)

I love knowing exactly where my meat comes from, and what the animals consume. Happy to be supporting my friends business. – CSA (4 + years)

They are awesome! They really care about how the cows are raised and they care about the health of their customers.– CSA (1st time ordering)

Bill and Kelli are so easy to work with and they deliver everything that say! Packaging is simple and everything is well labeled. Keep up the good work and keep growing. – Quarter Beef Order (1st time ordering)

Love Parkers meat. Everything is so good!! Very happy customers– CSA Customers (4+ years)

Good flavor! – Quarter Beef Customer (1st time ordering)The cuts are always cut well, we get what we asked for and they are package well. Great meet, you keep us informed and work with us. – Half Beef Customer (3 years)

This meat is so tasty, cooks up with just the right amount of oil/fat, and is raised with awesome practices. I like that the cattle are on the grass, better for them and for the world (since you aren’t feeding them a bunch of grain that could go to people). And I want to buy as local as I can. We are neighbors and I like to be in community.  Thanks for the cooking tips! That has helped me get better results. I still need some help with roasts…I tend to dry them out still. – Quarter Beef Customer (4+ years)

(I like) the care of the animals and the environment and of course the product. And best of all the beautiful Parker family! – Whole Lamb Customer (4+years)

I have confidence in how it was raised. – Half Beef Customer (4+ years).
The ground beef is very tasteful. And if you follow the amazing recipe for steaks that you kindly provided then the T-Bones come out superb. The packaging is compact which made it easy to stack in the freezer.  The ease and friendliness of them, not to mention the recipe was awesome and really helped me cook the steaks. Quarter Beef Customer (1st time ordering)


Easy process to order, pay, and pick up.  Clean cuts that sere wrapped well. Very attentive to quickly responding to my email questions. Follow-up cooking recommendations. – Whole Lamb Customer (1st time ordering)


Good quality local meat, supporting a local ranching family.  – CSA Customer (4+years)

Wonderful quality and taste.  Excellent cuts and packaging.  Just keep it coming!  -Whole Lamb (4 + years)

The meat is fantastic and we trust that you care for your animals and they have just one bad day. – Quarter Beef Order (1st time ordering)

Your meat is the very best. We are so lucky to have you in the valley. Your meat is amazing, you are close, you are philosophically right on, the work you does helps the environment, your cows are treated humanely, and you are local. – CSA Customer (1st time ordering)


Easy to pick up, well-labeled, yummy. – Whole Lamb (1st time ordering)
Excellent tasting meat. Local, healthy and very tasty meat. – Whole Lamb Customer (2 years)

(I like) that we are consuming local (lower carbon footprint) grass fed (higher nutritional value) meat and supporting a awesome family that is managing the earth a highly sustainable method. Oh yeah, and the beef is fantastic 🙂 – Half Beef Customer (4+ years)


So tasty and straight from the pastures of Colorado. Wonderful quality meat.  – Half Beef Customer (2 years)
I love the quality of the meat. Family and locally owned. Good quality meat. Fair prices. – CSA Customer (3 years)
Excellent meat- and wonderful customer service from Kelli. Family business and a healthy choice for beef. – CSA (1st time ordering)

The fact that the meat is from 30 miles down the road and that Bill and Kelli run and exceptional operation and are two of the kindest people.  – Quarter Beef Customer (4+years)

(I like) Bill, Kelly, and family and the fact they raise 100% orangic pasture raised beef that I can see on my walks. – CSA (4+years)

I thought it was easy to find you. easy to sign up, afforable and tasty.  I like that its local and grass fed. I know you said what do you like most but is a tie. – Quarter Beef (1st time ordering)

The packaging and butchering was excellent, very well protected to allow for longer freezer storage. Very pleased. – Quarter Beef Customer (1st time ordering)

You guys are amazing! Thanks for doing what you do, so that we can have safe food for our family! – CSA (1 year)

The great meat, friendliest people I know and easy to work with! -CSA Customer (3 years)

The meat taste absolutely fantastic. Super happy with the portion sizes and the communication was great. Lamb is super yummy but was a bit expensive. Nice treat though! –Quarter Beef and Whole Lamb (1st time ordering)
Trustworthy local People who are about community. –CSA Customer (4+ years)