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FREE taste of the Best In Beef - Parker Pastures!

Does grass-fed beef grazed in the magnificent, pristine, and lush pastures of the Rocky Mountains really taste better?

You bet it does! Get your free sampler box and find out for yourself!

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People Love this beef...and you will too!

Parker Pastures, beef products are heavenly! We tried a sample of the ground beef and a roast, and both were the BEST beef we have ever had!!!

C. B.

I purchased one # of ground beef to test the quality before I was willing to purchase any larger orders, have to say I was pleasantly surprise at the moistness & taste of this ground beef, tasted like a good steak .I grilled it on the BBQ according to the cooking suggestions suggested by PP's.Thanks again.

Stephen S. 

I am not a big red meat fan. That being said, the ground beef I got from Parker Pastures was some of the best I've ever tasted! I'm super picky when it comes to red meat and this meat was divine.

Pam S.

Frequently asked questions

Your order should arrive within 5 to 14 business days. We ship every Tuesday. Order in Colorado will arrive on Wednesday or Thursday for out of state. We are excited to prepare, package, and ship your items. If you haven’t received your order within 2 weeks of ordering, please contact us at:info@parkerpastures.com

Our cattle are 100% lifetime grazed, grass-fed, grass-finished, and pasture-raised.We proudly raise our beef in the remote Gunnison Valley, a place unlike any other...a place of clean water from pristine mountains, high altitude unpolluted air, highly mineralized mountain soils, diverse grasses, and lots of sunshine. We have discovered that the unique and acclaimed flavor of our organic grass fed meats are a result of this place where they are raised and our unique growing conditions. Our fields are filled with diversity... grasses, flowers, willows, timothy, red clover, white clover, alfalfa, and more for the cattle to choose from resulting in nutrient rich beef. Our fields our irrigated with and our cattle drink from clean, clear snow-melt mountain streams. Similar to a fine wine, our organic grass fed beef is a reflection of the terroir of this beautiful mountain environment we call home.   

 With the heavy duty packaging and vacuum seal our butcher uses, our beef will last indefinitely, although USDA recommendations are to use it within 1 year. Occasionally a seal will break after you get your beef, so use those packages first.

Our beef is the best of the best. Not just the best tasting, it is also raised in the way best for the earth and for the health of you and your family. When you purchase from Parker Pastures you are filling your freezer with Best In Beef, fueling your body with flavorful and nutritious protein, partnering with us in creating more biodiversity, sequestering carbon, and creating a better world. That is priceless!