FREE Beef Sampler (just pay for processing and shipping)

If you haven't ordered from us before, you probably feel a little nervous and not sure if it is worth all the hype.

I totally get it... and to be honest, I would feel the exact same way!

So, for this very reason, I am giving you the chance to try our incredible Grass-fed and Grass-finished, Dry-aged Ground Beef for FREE!!

Yes, you read that right – the beef is on us, but there's a small charge for processing and shipping.
So why am I doing this?  I'm confident that once you taste the difference in quality and savor the flavor of our beef, you'll be hooked. 
Give it a try – it will be the BEST beef you've ever had!
How Many Would You Like?


As far as we know, giving away a free package of premium grass-fed beef - enough for a family of six - has never been done before. Other ranchers think we're crazy.

The response to this offer has been overwhelming. Once word got out that folks could actually get free grass-fed beef, we've had to work weekends to keep up with the demand.

The truth is that we lose money on every Ground Beef Sampler we give away. We only make a profit if customers love our grass-fed beef and decide to buy more.

So far, so good. But that’s why we may not be able to keep this page up for much longer -- in fact, we’re only guaranteeing it will be available through midnight tonight.

Supplies of our delicious grass-fed beef are limited and we reserve the right to end the promotion at any time.

Click the order now button above now to claim your Ground Beef Sample now before it is gone.


This Ground Beef normally sells for $17.95 plus shipping on our website.

But folks who act quickly can get them FREE (just cover processing & shipping).

So what’s the catch? You cover the processing & shipping. The beef is free, the processing & shipping is not.

So why are we doing this? Because we hope that you'll love it and you’ll choose to buy more grass-fed beef from us now and in the future.

The Best In Beef

🍔 Tender, Flavorful, and Nutrient -Dense

🤠 ​Rancher’s Reserve 10-14 Day Dry-Aged

🌾 ​100% Grass-fed and Grass-finished

❌ ​ NO mRNA vaccines, growth hormones, or antibiotics

🥩 ​Prepared by an Expert Butcher in a USDA Inspected Facility

I was skeptical at first received my sample of ground beef today couldn’t wait so cooked up some hamburgers which I barely seasoned with a little bit of salt and pepper, so I can really get a taste of the meat to my surprise. It was excellent will definitely be ordering more. Thank you for your attention to detail and for your great customer service is greatly appreciated I will be ordering more tonight.

It's not easy to find a ranch that provides everything my family needs so perfectly, but Parker Pastures does it and then some! Consistency in home delivery, a user friendly website, reliable and responsive customer service, values that matter most in the meat industry, and the BEST quality beef—in both flavor and nourishment—we have ever had anywhere; so much so that even our favorite restaurants are now a downgrade! We are an animal-based/carnivore diet household, and we wouldn't be able to do it as conveniently and seamlessly without Parker Pastures. Jaclyn is a pro at ensuring satisfaction with every order as each steak, bone, and organ is so obviously cut and packaged with great care, and Cloe's story along with her maturity is an inspiration for business owners of a younger generation that typically struggles to hold down a standard job. I am more than happy to support the team and the ones they love as they support me and the ones I love. (p.s. The dogs give their paw of approval too!)

The meat that I've tried to date has been phenomenal and the customer service is awesome. Thank you!! :-)


Frequently asked questions

Yes, all our beef is 100% grass-fed AND grass-finished, dry aged for ultimate tenderness and flavor, and free from growth hormones, corn, and antibiotics. This isn't ordinary beef... this is the Best In Beef! 

Orders are shipped on Monday and Tuesday, with tracking information provided once your order is on its way. Colorado orders deliver on Wednesday and Thursday, while out-of-state orders are scheduled for Thursday and Friday.

This one tends to surprise people. With our heavy duty vacuum seal packaging, the USDA recommendation is to store beef for up to a year, but it will last in the freezer much longer.

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