Our Holistic Management History in a nutshell

IMG_2585I (Bill) was introduced to Holistic Management at the early age of 15 on my Uncle Jim and Aunt Carol Parker’s Ranch.  I was able to witness the transformation of the land into a thriving abundant ecosystem due to Uncle Jim being an early adopter of Holistic Management.  I have never forgotten the images and feelings associated with doing what I love, being with cattle, while improving the health of the land.  I continued to study and take courses in Holistic Management and after Jim sold his ranch I found employment on ranches that practiced Holistic Management.  I worked with Duke Phillips managing the 87,000 acre Chico Basin Ranch for a few years and felt that I had gained enough education and experience to start our own regenerative agricultural business.

My wife and partner, Kelli, and our growing family moved back to our home community of Gunnison in 2006 and began to lease land to produce high quality food and to improve the land that we love.  The struggles of supporting a family with a ranching operation drove us to more training in Holistic Management and to the Ranching for Profit school.  Slowly we began to establish a solid foundation of an economically viable business, ecological regeneration and the quality of life we are seeking.  We are very thankful to have been exposed to Holistic Management at an early age and to have the opportunity to lease land and create the life that we desired.  Therefore, we are passionate about sharing with others the wisdom of Holistic Management and showing to others that young people can attain the life they want of living on the land and bringing value to our communities.

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