100% Grass-Fed Beef

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Quarter:  (Approx. $600-$800 total)

  • $100 deposit.
  •  $4.10/lb hanging weight  (100-200 lbs). You can expect about 55 – 60% of the hanging weight as cut and wrapped meat.
  • Processing approx.. $150
  • Standard Cut only:  Because we offer a split quarter (pieces from both front and hind quarters)we only offer Quarters as a Standard Cut.  This means the butcher will cut it to utilize the animal most efficiently.

      Half:  ( $1200-$1600 total)

  • $200 Deposit.
  •  $3.75lb/lb hanging (approx. 200-350 lbs) You can expect about 55-60% of the hanging weight as cut and wrapped meat.
  • Processing $250

Whole:  ($2400-$3200)

  • $400 deposit.
  • $3.60/lb hanging (400-700lbs) You can expect about 55-60% of the hanging weight cut and wrapped meat.
  • Processing $400.
Where’s the Beef?
Buying our high quailty meats in bulk is the most affordable way to feed your family.  Our focus in on providing bulk  beef to families across Colorado.  Bulk meats include quarters, halves, or whole beef and are priced by the hanging weight of the animal and does not include processing (see below for more information). Delivery Options for Bulk Beef:
  • Gunnison
  • Crested Butte
  • Montrose, Ridgeway, Telluride
  • Denver Metro & Boulder
  • Colorado Springs
We have our beef  processed at a State Inspected processing facility Kinikin Processing LLC in Montrose.  Processing charges are $45 kill fee per animal and $0.61/lb for processing.  Other charges may include boxes ($1.50 per box).
Quarters are a mixed of a front and back quarter and are processed using a “standard cut” (see order form for more information).  
Halves and Whole Beef orders are cut to your preference based on options available on the cut order form.  If you don’t see an option you’d like, make a note at the bottom of the order form and the processor is good about taking care of your needs.

Heritage Devon Cattle Our unique herd of heritage Devon cows are the heart of our grass-fed beef business.  On a world wide basis Devon cattle are known as providing high quality beef from grass-only operations. The “Red Rubies” are one of the few remaining breeds of cattle that have retained their purity of breed over many centuries.   The Devon breed historically has been the “Butcher’s Breed” because of the quality of the meat produced as well as the excellent cut- out (due to their fine dense bone).

Tender & Well Marbled
Our passion for the Devon breed as well as our passion for Holistic Management Planned Grazing combine to create well-marbled, flavorful, and healthy beef that you can feel good about feeding to your family.  Careful pasture management and a late autumn harvest assures that our beef is consistently very well marbled
Life Cycle of a Parker Pastures Devon Beef
Each summer our Devon cows give birth to a ruby red calf which they raise throughout the fall and winter in maternal bliss.  In the spring these grown calves are weaned.   The weaned calves then spend another summer and fall fattening on lush mountain grasses.  The heifer (female) calves are bred and join the herd as future mothers, while the steer (male) calves are humanely harvested as our “SMALL” (350lbs-450 lbs hanging weight)  tender,  marbled, delicious beef.
Sometimes a first time calving heifer will lose her calf or not get bred.  These heifers are 2 years old and without the extra energy used to raise a calf, they fatten beautifully and become our “LARGE” (450-700 lbs hanging weight) beef.  These larger beef animals are always more tender, more well marbled, and downright gourmet in quality, even compared to our delicious smaller beef.   As we use nature as our model, the harvesting of these heifers that are either infertile or  proved to be unsuitable mothers, provides and opportunity for us to strengthen our overall genetics and herd health.
100% Grass-fed Beef:  There is potential for substantial variation in hanging weights depending on harvest time and individual animals.  Our promise is that you will receive at least 50% yield from your hanging weight, in other words at least 1/2 of your hanging weight back as cut and wrapped meat.  This can be much more, but 50% is our guarantee.