100% Grass-Fed Beef CSA (Ranch Pickup)


Gunnison  Monthly Pickup.

Secure a year round monthly supply of Parker Pastures 100% Grass-fed Beef when you join our 100% Grass-fed Beef CSA!

Our beef is raised on the lush mountain grasses of the Gunnison Valley, and no grain is fed….ever.  We used Holistic Management Planned Grazing to assure fresh daily access of high quality pastures for our animals.  Holistic Management Planned Grazing is critical in improving the degraded ecosystems of the arid West and therefore all land under Parker Pasture Management is actually INCREASING in biodiversity, water holding capacity, soil carbon, and production.  Just another reason to feel good about eating our foods!

Your monthly bag will always be bursting with 10 pounds of ground beef,  roasts, ribs, soup bones, steaks,  and stew meat.  The cuts will be our choice, but you are free to trade any unwanted cut pound for pound for ground beef.

What does it Cost?

$85 per month

10lbs of Mixed Cuts of 100% Grass Fed Beef monthly!